Center for Advanced Studies Workshops


Physics and Astronomy Building
University of New Mexico

March 1 and 2, 1997

Session I, Saturday, March 1

Atomic Motion in Ion Traps and Cavities

(Chair: C. Monroe, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Boulder, CO)

8:00-8:30          Registration/Continental Breakfast

8:30-8:35 V.M. Kenkre, Director, CAS: Introduction to the Center for Advanced Studies
8:35-8:45 Michael Fischer, Dean, Arts & Sciences: Welcoming Remarks
8:45-8:55 Nasir Ahmed, Associate Provost for Research: Welcoming Remarks
8:55-9:20 D. Leibfried, NIST Boulder: Engineering and Tomography of Quantum States of Motion of a Trapped Ion
9:30-9:55 W. Schleich, Universitat Ulm, Germany: Quantum Effects in Paul Traps
10:05-10:30 R. Blatt, Universitat Innsbruck, Austria: Quantum Motion of Single Trapped Ions
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:25 R. Hughes, Los Alamos National Laboratory: Decoherence Bounds on Quantum Computation with Trapped Ions
11:35-12:00 H. Mabuchi, California Institute of Technology: Prospects for Feedback Quantum Control of Atomic Motion Inside a Cavity
12:05-1:30 Lunch

Session II, Saturday, March 1

Atomic Motion in Optical Lattices

(Chair: S.L. Rolston, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

1:30-1:55 M. Raizen, University of Texas, Austin: Quantum Transport of Atoms in an Accelerating Optical Lattice: Tunneling and Non-Exponential Decay
2:05-2:30 M. Ben-Dahan, ENS, Paris: Bloch Oscillations of Atoms and Coherent Acceleration
2:40-3:55 G. Raithel, NIST Gaithersburg: Wave-packet Motion of Atoms in Optical Lattices
3:55-4:15 Coffee Break
4:15-4:40 P. Jessen, University of Arizona: Laser Cooling and Trapping in FORL
4:50-5:15 I. Deutsch, University of New Mexico: Quantum State Preparation in Optical Lattices
5:25-5:35 Visit to the Center for Advanced Studies
5:35-7:00 Reception in Physics and Astronomy Lobby

Session III, Sunday, March 2

Atomic Lasers/Bose Condensates

(Chair: E.M. Wright, Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona)

8:00-8:40 Continental Breakfast
8:40-9:15 H. Rabitz, Princeton University: Altering the Course of Quantum Dynamics
9:25-9:50 P. Meystre, University of Arizona: Theory of an Atom Laser
10:00-10:25 Coffee Break
10:35-11:55 A. Steinberg, University of Toronto: Outlook for Atom Optical Studies of Tunneling: 'Does an Atom Falling Through a Forbidden Barrier Make a Sound?'
12:05-12:25 M. Holland, University of Colorado, Boulder: Interactions in a Degenerate Bose-Einstein Gas
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:30 Round-table Discussion

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